Steve is one of the greatest Trombone Players in the world. I’ve played with a lot of them including Slide Hampton, Curtis Fuller and J.J. Johnson, and Steve is one of the best. The first thing I noticed about him was his pretty tone. He expresses things on the trombone that people don’t usually play on that instrument. I’m looking forward to playing with him again soon.”
— Freddie Hubbard (2007)

“Steve Davis plays everything well! I have had the pleasure of working with him in the Dizzy Gillespie All-star Band for quite some time and his solos never cease to amaze me. But…..not only is Steve a master musician, he is a true gentleman and a pleasure to be around.”
— James Moody (2007)

“Steve can create the effect of a string section or brass section, playing some of the most melodic improvisations ever heard in jazz.”
— Chick Corea (2001)

“Steve Davis is one of my favorite trombone players of all time. I like his sound, I like the way he writes. He is a very special musician.”
–Jackie McLean (1998)

“He’s one of my favorite musicians and trombone players. He’s just a very consistent, wonderful player.”
— Slide Hampton (2007)

“I predict that Steve Davis will be one of the true masters of the slide trombone.”
— Curtis Fuller (1994)

“Davis integrated long tones, syncopated figures, and smartly executed bebop lines—and he made it all sound effortless. Amidst the various twists and turns there was honesty and emotional directness in Davis’ solo.” (Quartet live at Cecil’s)
— David A. Orthmann, (2006)

“Davis does here what he does phenomenally through the whole Alone Together (Mapleshade) album: play in a controlled, even subtle manner, reaching to evoke emotion instead of merely blasting out notes… making sure each phrase carries as much meaning as words could evoke. It is refreshing to hear this kind of restraint and purposefulness.”
— Ethan Krow, Audiophile Audition… (2007)

“Davis’ trombone playing (OUTLOOK/Positone) is perfectly described as… Cool. His very tone – rich and velvety, as if the brass of his horn was burnished by suede – combined with his penchant for the middle and lower registers is the essence of
cool. And his eloquent, understated lyricism is hard to find in many players of his generation (born in the late ‘60s). Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day” and Ellington’s “I’ve Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good”, are as good as cool gets.”
— George Kanzler, (2009)

“Davis is one of the trombone section’s best improvisers… and his partnership with Hank Jones shows a wonderful give-and-take that puts both players in the best light.” (Eloquence/JLP)
– J. Hunter, (2009)

“Throughout Eloquence, Davis %26 Jones share a musical banter that is easy, economical and… eloquent.”
– Greg Barbrick, BlogCritics (2009)

“Portrait in Sound (Stretch/Concord) instantly reveals Steve Davis as an expert trombone player who communicates his musical visions with instinctive self-confidence as well as technical expertise.”
— Paula Edelstein, All Music Guide (2001)

“Meant to Be (Criss Cross) shows Steve Davis to be a double-threat-as a composer and as a trombonist. All the tracks are originals, revealing Davis’ inventive ear for harmony and passion for melody. His postbop phrasing and smooth tone result in an updated amalgam of J.J. Johnson and Slide Hampton-two of his heroes.”
— Harvey Siders, JazzTimes Magazine (2005)

“While many may be aware of Davis’ handling of the trombone, skills that mark him as one of the finest of his generation… it’s his writing that finds Davis right smack in the position of first place in regards to talent deserving of wider recognition.” (Vibe Up/Criss Cross)
— Chris Hovan, (2000)

“A fluid, melodic soloist, trombonist Steve Davis commands attention on every solo… he creates a great deal of rhythmic tension without wasting a note.” (Systems Blue/Criss Cross)
— David A. Orthmann, (2001)

“Davis has a rich, creamy tone on his trombone, and a focused style of playing that communicates well.”
— Karl W. Nehring, Sensible Sound (2001)

“[Alone Together] is a rich and very satisfying album by a master of his instrument and of small-group dynamics.”
— Rick Anderson, All Music Guide: Rating: **** (4 stars)

“Davis has been compared to trombonists such as J.J. Johnson, Slide Hampton, Carl Fontana and Curtis Fuller, but he’s really his own man, with a distinctive, rich sound, a relaxed style with just enough fire, and enough technique to meet any challenge… with both passion and inventiveness.”
— Scott Albin, JazzTimes (2007)

“Update (Criss Cross) is one of the better mainstream records of the year.”
— Chris Hovan, (2006)

“A composer deserving of wider recognition, Davis’ themes are thought-provoking, soulful, and devoid of affectation.” (Quintet live at Cecil’s)
— David A. Orthmann, (2007)